End Self-Sabotage | VIRTUAL COACHING


End Self-Sabotage virtual coaching sessions and programs introduce a complete set of practical skills, techniques, tools, and mindsets to effectively:

handle the challenges & obstacles that come up in your life as they arise;
eliminate the unwanted consequences that inevitably follow;
put yourself on the path to consistent growth across all areas of your life.

Start with a single session, program, or the full series - the choice is yours.

End Self-Sabotage | SESSIONS

Each End Self-Sabotage virtual coaching session includes a step-by-step video, interactive exercise, session transcript, and downloadable audio recording.

All End Self-Sabotage sessions are available by subscription for $5/month each.

Discover a simple 3-part practice to turn your daily tasks into opportunities to practice clear and consistent focused attention throughout your day. You’ll also find out how you can up your game with this practice by doing just that – turning it into a game.

Ever considered the relationship between how you label experiences and your reactions to them? This session dives deep into why episodes of inner conflict are hardly surprising before looking behind the nastiness with which some thoughts can express themselves.

This session introduces The Enquiry, a debriefing practice for opening a new kind of dialogue with yourself. We begin by looking at some of the options we have open to us for responding to our self-critical dialogue in exactly the same way as we would with anyone we care for deeply.

This session looks at ways to adapt the skills, practices, and mindsets from the previous 3 sessions to your particular needs and circumstances, now and in the future. We look at specific examples you can model to shift your self-criticism and intrusive thoughts into entirely new and productive areas.

End Self-Sabotage | PROGRAMS

Each End Self-Sabotage virtual coaching program includes 4 individual sessions with step-by-step videos, interactive exercises, session transcripts, and downloadable audio recordings, along with ongoing support to ensure your progress and success. 

All End Self-Sabotage programs are available by subscription for $15/month each.

Build the skills to focus attention, beat overwhelm, & stay consistent in your roles, needs, & values.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

 use a 3-step practice to maintain attention & concentration, moment by moment
 effectively handle distractions, interruptions, & changes as they arise
 practice skills to shift from strife, avoidance, & capitulation to curiosity, compassion, & trust
 turn your most vicious critic into your most valued collaborator
 turn moments of compromised control into opportunities to clarify what you want & how to get it

Master tools & techniques to get organized, set goals, & track your priorities through to the results you want.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

 bring structure & order to obstacles, disruptions, & conflicting needs
 create an actionable vision of what you want to achieve aligned with your preferences & experience
 set clear & compelling priorities for your goals, motives, & actions
 map out how you want your day go & know how to make it so
 identify & apply intention-based drivers behind your actions & ambitions, moment by moment

Relationship-building skills for dealing respectfully & effectively with unmet & violated expectations.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

 understand how emotions are triggered & how to retain control as they arise
 inspire change in others without sparking retaliation, avoidance, or self-recrimination
 set & maintain clear boundaries without provoking blame, resistance, or capitulation
 sustain & grow respectful, trust-based relationships through adversity & change
 apply core principles to ensure your capacity to adapt & flourish consistently

Recognize assumptions, limitations, & shortcomings that trip us up - & what to do when they inevitably arise.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

 shift from fixating on self-assessments to achieving action-driven outcomes
 apply willpower, courage, & resourcefulness effectively & effortlessly
 master the good, bad, & ugly behind the #1 most common question: "Why?"
 accomplish things using a simple 30-minute step-by-step method
 act with appreciation regarding where you are & have available right now

The complete set of programs available individually above: Personal Foundation, Purposeful Accountability, Appropriate Relationships, and Unstoppable Persistence.

The End Self-Sabotage | SERIES of virtual coaching programs provides a complete overview of solutions to the most pressing challenges I've seen in over a decade of coaching. 

Session by session, it provides you with unique opportunities to build vital skills, practices, mindsets, and techniques to align your most demanding thoughts, needs, and intentions with your most vital commitments, responsibilities, and value.

Discover your ability to create the positive transformation you want in both your personal and professional life - and to make it a life-long habit.

End Self-Sabotage | SERIES is available by subscription for $45/month.