turn your most vicious critic into your most valued collaborator

Discover exciting new practices to eliminate negative self-talk and transform your relationship with yourself to create the kind of life you want.

How can you stop turning around in self-defeating circles and start building clarity, commitment, and consistency in your day-to-day experience?

How can you step back from a life of self-doubt and sabotage to one of open curiosity, compassion, and confidence?

Here’s how…

The Challenges of Negative Self-Talk

available in Kindle, paperback, and Audible editions

Every week, I have conversations with people who struggle with the toughest opponent they’ve ever faced.

The most obstinate, offensive, and obnoxious adversary they know.

Their inner critic. 

Most of these people are quick to recognize their competencies and achievements.

Many lead stimulating and rewarding lives.

Most enjoy warm personal relationships, exciting professional challenges and excellent health.

Still, they all too often wind up slammed against the wall.

Confronted by some of the most mean-spirited, contemptuous and debilitating thoughts imaginable.

Negative self-talk.

– Robert McFadden

Drawing on over a decade of 1-on-1 coaching work, author Robert McFadden outlines effective strategies for transforming your relationship with yourself through small shifts in thoughts, habits, and actions.

You’ll discover solutions to limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that may hold you back from making the choices and changes you want.

The message in this book is simple.

You do not have to live bound by limiting perspectives and beliefs.

There’s a much less costly and far more rewarding approach available.

It all begins with your response to negative self-talk.

You, too, can turn your most vicious critic into your most valued collaborator.